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06/05/2011 / featheredfiends

A lovely Thyme was had by all

Today like every day I had to chase Dumpling and Sky out of the kitchen several hundred times, it’s a dace we like to have.  They waddle in making as much racket as they can muster, knowing full well I will run in and chase them out again shouting “get out naughty boys, I have told you not to go into the kitchen”

I could close the door, and I sometimes do, but the thing is it blocks the air flow into the front room.  Also I need to maintain my physique somehow and budgie chasing is as close to sport as I get these days,

Get aaaahhhhht of the kitchen you horrors!

Sky and Dumpling waddle into the Kitchen

The birds had some Thyme today which they mostly ignored, caught Sky nibbling on it for a few seconds.  Made the house smell lovely though.

Water Way to have a good Thyme

Having a lovely Thyme


Where is Custard, can you spot her?

Where is Custard?


There she is, pigging on and standing on a Trill Topper.  Roswell is peering in.

Custard and Roswell tuck in


Snowy and Jerry with head in seed troughs

Snowy and Jerry having a nibble


Blueboy we really must stop meeting like this, the other will start to talk.

Blueboy and Hector





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  1. onesweetiepea / May 6 2011 7:44 PM

    LOL @ the 2 naughty boys in the kitchen!! 😀

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