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02/09/2011 / featheredfiends

Lilek’s progress

Lilek came to us on 10th October 2010. His owner wanted him to be with a flock of budgies because he was lonely and she could not commit to another budgie time-wise.

When he first arrived he was very anti-social with other budgies. This behaviour would take the form of chittering at other budgies and lunging out at them (not biting) when they got close. Lilek would put his head down low, fan his tail and chitter until they moved. This meant another budgie could not even get close to him.

Sky was first to take an interest and started following Lilek round but he would either have angry noises made at him or just get ignored.

Lilek also had a very bad regurgitation habit. I mean compulsively, seriously bad. We wondered how a budgie could regurgitate so much food. He would spit it all out in a controlled manner onto his foot and then eat it back off again. Some of it would fall onto the cage floor, so I was continuously clearing it up and changing the papers.

I changed round the cage, removed perches but then he would just regurgitate onto the cage door and it would go all over out floor. Drove me insane!

Slowly slowly, he has integrated himself into the group. A few months ago, he let Sky preen him, it made me feel really happy that he would let another budgie that close to him.

Now he has actually stopped regurgitating, it’s been about three weeks since he stained the perches and floor with seed and vegetables!

He also occasionally mingles with Monty and sits to listen to Jerry and Snowy sing. No chittering at other budgies – only at me when I put my hand in the cage to change food or move something at night!

look how beautiful and white his plumage is!



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  1. FLYNN / Sep 2 2011 10:28 PM

    He is very handsome!

  2. stace / Sep 5 2011 7:14 AM

    I love these photos.


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