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16/09/2011 / featheredfiends

Brave budgies? – I think not.

The new toy – a wonderful ladder with lots of colourful things and nice wood to chew – has been here for a couple of weeks now and the budgies have barely been near it!

I have tried putting it in the following places:

inside a cage, stretched from side to side, hanging down from the main mirror on the wall, on top of a cage, across the front of a cage, hanging down the front of a cage.

It’s been mostly ignored and feared.

The closest they have got so far to it is Lilek biting some of the blue plastic chains when I have dangled them in front of him.

They can be such scardy birds at times. If I was a budgie (which I am not, I think) I would love this toy!

The contrived tree rends a healthy workload.





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  1. onesweetiepea / Sep 16 2011 6:48 PM

    Naughty scaredy budgies! Have you tried draping basil or any other food over the ladder? It looks too lovely to be ignored. Maybe Lilek (or Jerry – he’s quite close to it but does look a tad petrified!) will rally the troops around. 🙂

  2. featheredfiends / Sep 16 2011 6:52 PM

    Jerry always looks scared! – I have no idea why!

    I am worried that if I put basil on it I wont be able to clean it. It doesn’t look easy to clean. So far it hasn’t got dirty cos they are scared of it!

  3. stace / Sep 19 2011 9:47 AM

    Did you get the new stainless steel toy bits you ordered yet?

    I’ve got a package arriving from the US soon too. Should be here tomorrow. Very excited.

    • featheredfiends / Sep 19 2011 9:49 AM

      Hi Stace

      Yes I did!

      They got here Saturday morning. I just have to work out how to attach them to toys and we’re off and away!

  4. stace / Sep 19 2011 10:10 AM

    Did you get some O rings as well? If so, you need two pairs of pliers to open and close, one in each hand – and opened sideways rather than out, if you know what I mean. Or use a piece of leather or string, tied and snipped off with no ends loose.

    You’ll figure something out.

    • featheredfiends / Sep 19 2011 10:13 AM

      I didn’t. Couldn’t afford anything else!

      I’ll figure something, like you said.


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