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14/10/2011 / featheredfiends

Treats and sunshine

It’s a lovely sunny day and I thought I would treat the fiends with a big plate of their favourite food – sweetcorn!

I hacked the nibblets off the cob and washed them. Then I smashed up some pine nuts and harrisons bird pellets. Sprinkled this mixture on the corn with some avian seaweed. I can get the fiends to eat nutritious stuff this way that they would ordinarily ignore – sneaky huh!

They love it and have no idea how good for them it is. Poor little fiends 🙂

I gave them some basil too so don’t feel too sorry for them. These birds are treated very well indeed, they eat like kings. Of course Monty is the only true king!


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  1. stace / Oct 24 2011 8:01 AM

    Love the photos. Your mob are very good at eating veges. I fear mine mostly just likes tearing his veges up and chucking it around, rather than eating it. Hopefully some gets down his gob.

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