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04/01/2012 / featheredfiends

Monty and Jerry – Battle of the bruisers

It’s happening again. Sigh.

Monty and Jerry have been at eachother over Snowy for about 4 days now. We keep having to separate them into cages and giving them time out.

Snowy decides that green is the best colour ever and constantly chases Jerry and tries to play kissy-face with him. This makes Monty mad and he pounces on Jerry. Jerry flies off and starts flapping his wings at Monty, making a growling, gurgly noise. Then they end up in a ball of feathers and claws.

Poor Monty has a cut on his cere that Jerry inflicted and my husband and I have had to physically separate them several times, getting bitten in the process. We had a look at Monty’s cere and it seems okay, I cleaned it with a cotton bud. It’ll heal, it’s not the first time he’s been slightly wounded in this area.

They both gets like this every few months, I guess it’s their hormones..

Whatever it is I wish they would stop!

You can see Monty’s cere in this photo, also here he is incarcerated with Snowykins.


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