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24/01/2012 / featheredfiends

Dill-icious Treat on Medicine day

This morning we had the arduous task of giving the nine fiends for their 6-monthly Ivermectin treatment. This is necessary to protect them from Mites and various other nasties.

Abbie, Snowy, Roswell, Lilek, Blueboy and Hector were pretty easy to treat. My husband held each one while I applied one drop of medicine to their backs between their “shoulder blades”.

Sky did not want to be caught, neither did Jerry.

Monty was another matter entirely. The king decided that being grabbed was beneath him, despite seeing his subjects survive the ordeal quite easily.

King Monty escaped us 3 times after he was placed in a cage to allow being handled. He made the most awful high pitched noise to indicate that he was not happy with the situation. One we finally caught up with him and treated him it was over in 3 seconds and he was free.

I don’t think we have been forgiven quite yet. He sat on the top of Budgingham Palace for quite a while, staring at us and ruffling his wings in an annoyed fashion.

After we had been shopping the fiends were treated to some Dill to try and make up for the nasty-but-necessary-medicine..


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