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10/04/2012 / featheredfiends

Birds, Basil and Boys

Abbie doesn’t like to be disturbed when she is busy biting the curtain. It seems to be a full-time Occupation. We have to stop her as we don’t want the curtains to fall down. She makes a cute noise that sounds like tiny little birds swearing (It probably is) and flies off.

Charlie has been enjoying his food lots today. Basil and seed alike. With and without Snowy, who remains his best Bud.

Roswell, Sky and Lilek have been posing in front of the mirror. I think they are having a “who is the cutest?” contest.

Monty has been flying round and round squawking, giving us attitude. He still keeps flying at every plate of food I bring out from the kitchen. Everything is his whether intended or not.


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