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13/04/2012 / featheredfiends

The fiends switch to Avia Budgie Seed

After a lot of thought and comparison of bird seed mixes I have decided to switch them from their basic mix of three millets and oats with a little canary seed to Avia.

Avia is vitamin enriched and I feel that this is important. After reading about the dangers of Calcium, Vitamin A and Iodine deficiency in birds, I don’t want any of my birds to be deficient.

It’s going to be expensive but I’m sure it’ll save on vet fees and make my fiends healthier. As balanced a diet as I try to give them, I cannot guarantee that they’re all eating a little bit of everything I put out for them so this is like a little insurance policy.

Anyway, turns out they love the Avia so I am happy about that!

Here is the nutritional information for Avia per Kilogram.

Avia (£1.26 500 gram pack)
Vit A – 515iu/kg
Vit D3 – 150iu/kg
Vit B2 – 0.4mg/kg
Vit B12 – 7mg/kg
Iodine – 4mg/kg
Calcium – 43mg/kg
Lysine – 0.1%

What the various vitamins do.
Vit A – Helps prevent infection, protects eyes, essential for growth & reproduction
Vit B – Growth & digestion
Vit B12 – Maintain general health
D3 – Bones
Iodine – Prevents disease
Lysine – Builds healthy body



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  1. onesweetiepea / Apr 13 2012 2:08 PM

    If angle of tail indicates level of satisfaction, I’d say Monty is very, very satisfied. 😀

  2. kutubuku / Apr 13 2012 7:02 PM

    Budgie tushie!!!

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