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04/09/2012 / featheredfiends

The extensive budgie bedtime routine

Budgie Bedtime Routine

Fetch da birdies

Procure the large Budgie Stick and lift each bird into his/her cage.

The order I have found most effective is as follows:

Snowy, Monty, Charlie into Budgingham Palace.

Abbie and then Hector into Balmoral.

The tricky one – Roswell, Dumpling and then Sky into The Summer Palace. The last two will probably fly about and give you the run around til they decide to go to bed.

Clearing up after the Fiends

Remove all water containers and place them in the kitchen.

Put on lung protecting Mask.

Open up a large white rubbish bag (they are on the budgie trolley thing in the last compartment on the right)

Remove all toys from the tops of cages, empty out bowls, unclip pegs and any put stray herbs into bag and place toys in the kitchen, also any balls or bells that have been chucked onto the floor by Dumpling. Tip out water bowl into sink and place in kitchen.

Do not put the tray of balls and bells on top of Balmoral into the kitchen as I do not wash this every day unless it is soiled. It tends to degrade otherwise.

Remove all newspapers from tops of cages and the two by the mirror and place in bag.

Use the F10 diluted spray and two kitchen towels to clean the large mirror.

Open out the table, put folded cardboard under to secure.

Cage one – Mr and Mrs Abbie

Place Abbie and Hectors cage on the table. Replace the newspapers that are on the chest of drawers under their cage if they are dusty/dirty. Wipe the walls if they are dirty/dusty.

Change Abbie and Hectors food, clean their mirror and wipe each perch with a fragance free baby wipe.

Take top off cage, change papers. Put cage back, clean their water bottle and fill it with fresh water. Clip the door closed.

Cage two – The Bachelors

Bring the top part of Dumpling, Sky and Roswells cage over to table.

Remove newspapers from bottom.

Empty tray and wipe if necessary. Wipe the trolley top both beside and under the tray.

Wheel out trolley, pick up newspapers and discard. Sweep the floor underneath them and brush to one side by Hector and Abbies cage.

Remove soap dishes and balls, place in kitchen. Wipe windows and especially door handle and surrounds with a baby wipe.

Replace newspapers on floor.

Wipe the swings if necessary, close curtains, being careful not to knock the swing down.

Wheel trolley back.

Clean the outside of Dumpling, Sky and Roswell’s cage, especially the plastic base, roof and door.

Remove their food, wipe their perches, shelves and the inside rim of the base – Dumpling will probably chitter at you and try and bite you at this point.

Refill food, replace.

Put newspapers on the bottom of cage and put top back on.

Clean and refil white water trough.

Wipe the table and they are sure to have left a few ‘gifts’.

Cage three – The love Triangle

Bring over the top of Monty, Snowy and Charlie’s cage.

Discard newspapers.

Remove base and place on sofa.

Discard papers under base.

Wipe the lino that sits under the cage.

Replace two newspapers. Reposition base making sure it’s 2 inches from the wall to allow bedtime cover to drape.

Clean the outside of Monty, Snowy and Charlie’s cage, especially the plastic base, roof and door.

Remove their two food troughs, wipe their perches, shelves and the inside rim of the base.

Refill food, replace.

Replace newspaper on base of cage. Bring birdies back over to base.

Clean and refill red water bottle.

Other stuff

Wipe table. Put away.

Sweep floor, use Dustpan and brush to put remnants into white bag.

Wipe any droppings from top of TV where budgies like to sing and dance.

Close up white bag and place outside door for disposal next day.

It’s a cover up

Partially cover budgies with their corresponding covers – red and white flowery – Abbie and Hector, Black – Dumpling, Sky, Roswell, Faded Blue – Monty, Snowy Charlie.

Switch on Lamp, turn off main light and radio if it is on.

Tell budgies to be good while you wash their stuff.

Washing up

Fill washing up bowl with bowls, toys, pegs etc. Leave out playground and metal hoop to wash til last as they get in the way.

Use roughly 2ml of F10 bird safe disinfectant and fill bowl with hot water with a splash of cold.

Place 2 strips of kitchen roll (1×3 squares long) on the counter top. Top to bottom, side by side.

Wash and place items on kitchen roll.

When done, make sure sink is clean of any nasties by running tap.

Final covering

Budgies should all now be happily quiet and crunching on seed if all goes to plan.

Cover up each in turn using the bedtime rhyme and replacing with the budgies name depending on what cage they are in.

“Bedtime for budgies, budgie bedtime
Bedtime for budgies, budgie bedtime
It’s bedtime for Abbie and it’s bedtime for Hector
Bedtime for budgies, budgie bedtime
Bedtime for budgies, budgie bedtime
Night night Abbie, night night Hector.
See you in the morning.
Be good”

Peace and quiet, unless there are any squabbles.




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  1. onesweetiepea / Sep 4 2012 11:22 AM

    …. & by the time you’re done it’s about 2am. 😀

  2. featheredfiends / Sep 4 2012 11:28 AM

    Takes an hour and a half each night from start to finish!!

  3. Sue. / Sep 4 2012 12:31 PM

    Your very dedicated Marianne. You must love those budgie fiends of yours very much.

  4. avian101 / Sep 4 2012 1:49 PM

    To think that I was complaining about my grandson Tyler (2 years old) to putting him to bed! 🙂

  5. stace / Sep 6 2012 1:38 PM

    Crikey. You are a trooper for those birdies.

    I keep a spray bottle with the F10 mix to clean all the perches and whatnot inside the cage with a kitchen towel or paper napkins I pick up in clumps from my local cafe (if I’m not taking them out for their big scrub). Cheaper than ‘wet wipes’.

  6. featheredfiends / Sep 6 2012 1:41 PM

    8 budgies produce a lot more poop than one 🙂

  7. Sar / Sep 25 2012 10:47 AM

    I’m glad I’m not the only one with a bedtime song for my birds!

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