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13/01/2013 / featheredfiends

School Reports for the Fiends. Have they been good?

Hello all, sorry I have not updated in a while.

Here is a photo a few lines about each bird, so you can see how they are doing..

Monty: He’s still “Big Bird” of the flock, despite being the smallest. He likes to fly out into the kitchen and sing to the Basil plant. He also runs up and down the sink, biffing at it. “that’s mine, and that, that is mine also”


Snowy: Mostly Snowy plays with Charlie, kissyface, preening eachother, feeding each-other. But he also likes an afternoon nap with “Ball-Ball”


Roswell: Roswell had to have a wing clipped a few months ago because he was “feather-picking on one side” We (and the avian vet) think this is a stress-related thing, due to his friend Jerry passing away some time ago. At the moment Roswell is cage-bound, but we let friends in and also let him out for a run around when we can supervise.


Sky: He is now a lot more popular. Sky is friends with Charlie, Roswell and Lilek and feeds all of them at times. He keeps Roswell company a few times a day and still has a major fondness for mirrors.


Lilek: My little Dumpling is still very much into being with us humans. He frequently lands on my husbands shoulder as he is at his computer and sings in his ear. He also still has a foot-fetish. If I ever go to the bathroom he will spend the time on top of the door calling to me. He will frequently sit on my table and bite my hand as it is on my mouse. But he is friends with Sky and Charlie, so he’s a lot more sociable than in the beginning.


Charlie: Little Charlie is a very happy bird, he is good friends with Snowy and most of the time they are inseparable. Charlie also likes Abbie, and much to Hectors annoyance will go and sit next to her sometimes. When Sky is in with Roswell, Charlie will squawk as part of his “free Sky” campaign, until I release him..


Abbie and Hector: Hector loves Abbie, Abbie likes him too. But Hector can be overwhelming so she will often hide from him. She also spends time trying to destroy things…the curtain, the mirror in Roswells cage…just about anything that she’s not meant to break..

Hector still Squawks in the evening to tell us it’s Abbies bed time: “Can’t you see Abbie is tired? She’s exhausted and must go to bed..” But really he just wants to keep the other boys away from her and have her to himself..

We know your game Hector..





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  1. onesweetiepea / Jan 13 2013 7:32 PM

    Good to have an update on all the fiends. Love the photo of Snowy with ball-ball. 🙂

  2. stace / Jan 14 2013 1:29 AM

    Do any of them have to repeat a year? ;D

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