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28/06/2016 / featheredfiends

Custard’s health

Custard has a liver condition, which means that we have to trim his beak once a week.
We always do this on budgie weigh-day, which is a Sunday. I just take off 1mm a week as I need to be very careful, budgies have a blood line in their beak. We had taken him to the vet to have this done previously, but it was quite stressful for Custard to have an hour car journey and then be handed in a strange place. Also, the dremel, we found was scary for him.

We have no idea of Custards age. The person (Jason) that looked after him previously, was given Custard by a man that found him wandering about in a church yard. Custard has had quite a life so far.

Just over a week ago we noticed that he had some feathers our of place near his “bastard wing” (the tiny feather on the wing). After some examination we noticed a tiny pink growth. At first I thought it was a feather cyst, but after just a couple of days it had grown. Then it bled slightly.

We took Custard to the vet and he also did not think it was a feather cyst. He gave us antibiotics to make sure it did not get infected and said that he may be able to operate. But this carried a great risk as there is not much skin in that area to stitch. Also as budgies are so small, the anesthetic is dangerous.

I have decided not to put Custard through an operation. He’s very happy, despite the unsightly growth and we love him. I would not want to lose him because of an operation that may or may not even help him.

He’s also an extremely popular bird and his growth makes no difference to that. It also make no difference to his flying. At the moment he’s dancing about trying to attract Blithes attention.

Here you can see Custards lump, which we think is a Xanthoma related to his liver condition.

Also, as you can see, Hector likes to preen his friend, these photos were taken today.


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