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07/03/2017 / featheredfiends

Dating profiles for the boys

As the boys don’t seem very proactive I thought I would upload their dating profiles for them. Maybe one of them will land a girlfriend if they can stop looking at themselves in the mirror for 5 seconds.

Billybob: Age 9 years 9 months, likes chewing things, pottering about on his own.

Hector: Age 8 years 2 months, enjoys human company and squawking and flapping his wings if things don’t go his way.

Blithe: Age 3 years 3 months, a mischievous soul that answers to the names “No” and “Naughty”. Likes to bite humans for no reason.

Basil: Age 4 years 7 months, likes Hector and trying to get Hectors attention. Is the official oat inspector.

Sky: Age 10 years 5 months, Is the cool dude that everybird wants to be friends with. Despite being the oldest can also fly the fastest.

George: Age 4 years 7 months, enjoys the company of Sky, likes watching Sky and following Sky. Also feeds and preens Custard.

Custard: Age 4 years 8 months, Age is estimated due to having been found outside before finding previous owner. Justin Bieber of the group, is preened by Hector and George. Likes foraging in the playground despite food being plentiful.


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  1. onesweetiepea / Mar 7 2017 11:19 PM

    A very creative & informative post. 🙂

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