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13/08/2017 / featheredfiends

9 Budgies staring at me..

Today was budgie weigh day. After they had been weighed they all congregated above Budgingham Palace. My husband said it was a Kodak moment, so I took a photo.

Hector was not up there as he cannot fly, so we had put him in a safe place, lower down.

04/08/2017 / featheredfiends


This morning I gave the budgies some dill to eat. Dill is one of the herbs that they especially love.

Polly and Pete were trying to bathe in it. I tried to capture their actions with my phone camera as I had to be quick!

As they bathed, Lucy was trying to eat it.

22/07/2017 / featheredfiends

Hectors own space

Because Hector comes to sit with me so often, I have a playground for him on the sofa.
This means that sometimes I can use a knife and fork to eat my dinner. But occasionally he still flaps his wings for me to pick him up and I’m left to try and eat my food one handed again.

I just took this photo of him on his playground.

Then I noticed the two yellows (Pete and George) with their bottoms up in the background, also Custard watching on.

14/07/2017 / featheredfiends

George and Basil are five years old

George and Basil are approximately 5 years old today.

They came to live with us 4 years ago with the names Greenbird and Bluebird.

I felt that these names did not express their personalities, so I renamed them George and Basil. Most people get confused about their names and expect Basil to be green, but it’s George that is green.

Happy Birthday Boys!

Here is a photo of Basil with George and their friend Custard. Oh and the blue budgie at the back is Lucy, George’s girlfriend.

04/07/2017 / featheredfiends

Find Marshall, a Blue Budgie Lost in (Devizies, Wiltshire, UK) Please help!

Dear all

I don’t normally write about budgies other than my own, but on this occasion I am making an exception.

Marshall, a budgie of a friend on our budgie forum has gone missing. He managed to be spooked by a loud noise and flew off out of the kitchen window.

It’s an accident that could happen to all of us. Something all of us bird owners dread.

Please, if you can, share this for me (print the poster, share on Facebook or other social media etc) in the hope that Marshall can be found and be reunited with his best friend Ian and owner Rose.

Even if you do not live in the UK, maybe you have friends that do and they have friends that live in Wiltshire.

I would be eternally grateful.


30/06/2017 / featheredfiends

Custard is five-ish years old.

About 4 years ago, we took Custard in. The guy that gave him to us got him from someone that found him outside, so he did not know his age.

I estimated him at about 1 year old, because when a budgie is over a year it’s impossible to know their age.

So he’s approximately 5 (or more) years old now.

Happy Gotcha day Custard!

30/06/2017 / featheredfiends

Pete and Polly are brave budgies

We’re really happy with how Pete and Polly are settling in.

They’ve taken a while to explore the living room, but that is understandable, being part of a pair.

Today, for the first time we saw Polly join Pete on the playground by the balcony doors. I’m hoping this is the beginning of Polly being more confident. She’s already getting less jumpy around me.

She’s been enjoying ripping some balsa to shreds. I may have to take out a bank loan to be able to keep Lucy and Polly in shreddables 🙂

Pete does this cute little thing in the morning. When I open the little flap to get the seed out. He jumps through it to get out of the cage. Polly followed his this morning too.

Also, when he wants to alert me to something he’ll land on my glass. Last time it was because he didn’t like the water trough guard, so I had to remove that. But this time it was because there was a seed husk in his water. So I changed the water and he seemed pleased,
celebrating with a big gulp of water.

Not stupid these budgies!

All in all they seem very happy and that makes me happy too.

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