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02/03/2018 / featheredfiends

Snow in London

We have had a few days of snow here.

Just when we thought it was going to stop, there was another layer today!

I am not sure what the budgies made of it. Sky seemed to stare at it for a little while.

25/02/2018 / featheredfiends

Polly and Lucy the hens.

Polly and Lucy have given me a chance to try out my new camera which I got for the bargain sum of £18.99 on ebay!

They are both always so active doing cute hen-type things.

Lucy has discovered that sitting in the small swing can be lots of fun. It also means that she doesn’t get hassled by her current beau George.

Polly loves to chew things and we just had delivery of some balsa pieces, thankfully they also included a new chew toy which she has chewed to pieces now!

13/02/2018 / featheredfiends

The Taxi Stick



On my budgie forum, someone started a thread about Taxi Sticks, these are the sticks that we get our budgies to stand on so that we can take them to their cages at bedtime.

I’d also been asked countless times before how I get 9 budgies to go to bed in the evening and that it must be “chaos!”

On 6th February I filmed my budgies at bedtime using the Taxi Stick service. Here is is for your televisual pleasure. Please excuse my voice, it always jumps a few octaves when talking to my budgies!

Polly climbed straight into her cage when I put her chewables in so I wasn’t able to video her.

Blithe and Basil went in like a dream:


As did Billybob


Hector was already in.

I Taxi’d Sky in and then used the stick as a wand to herd in Lucy and George, it was harder than normal as they are very wary of my phone (which I was using for the video).

My little rebel Custard wont go in until everyone else is in and all the other cages are covered so I was not able to video him.

20/01/2018 / featheredfiends

A video of Polly and the other budgies from earlier today

Sorry about the video quality, but the sound should be okay!

The budgie on the big swing is Polly. I was trying to capture her singing, she is the loudest female budgie that we have had and sings a lot.

14/01/2018 / featheredfiends

Photos and updates on all of the budgies

Custard (photo 1) is a lot better since his 2 weeks of antibiotics. For a little while his weight went under 40g and this really worried me. As of this morning, he is 43g which I hope sticks as it’s a good weight for him.

When I go over to the seed boxes, he runs over and stares at me, using Jedi mind tricks to get me to put millet out for him.

Sky (photo 2) is his merry old self, I say old because he’s 11 now. He’s the only bird that Polly has let feed her since Pete passed away. George is still annoying him, so Sky comes to me for refuge a lot.

Basil (grey boy, photo 3) still has hopes of being Polly’s best friend. You can quite often see him perched on top of her cage when she’s on her swing, guarding her.
If he’s persistent it would be nice to see them as real buddies. But he’s not the most pushy of the boys.

Hector (Blue boy, Photo 3) still much prefers humans to budgies. He does a new thing to make me come and get him now. He pretends he wants to go to the water dish and can’t quite make it, so I have to rescue him. Then he wont go back in to the cage and insists on sitting with me.

Blithe (photo 4) is still Blithe! He comes over to me often because Hector sits with me. Blithe is the only one of the current budgies that was already “hand tame” when he came to us, and he still is. If you call biting us hand tame!

Lucy and George (photo 5) are still very much an item. Since the first day that Lucy socialised with everyone and chose George as her victim/boyfriend, they are pretty much inseparable. It’s funny how their relationship has changed though. She chased him around at the start and now he chases her.

Polly (photo 6) is very hard to get a photo of, she’s so wary of the camera! Polly loves to sing and head-bob in front of her mirror. She has a loud song and it is hard to distinguish from Billybob’s singing. Polly is quite playful and can often be seen hanging upside down or demolishing a cuttlebone. She seems very happy.

Billybob (photo 7) went to the vet 2 weeks ago and has been on vitamins every other day for a possible vitamin deficiency. He seems more animated, but I could be imagining things. He goes through periods of resting, but also chews oats, flies around the room, sits on the swing singing and goes to the playground to see if millet or herbs have been left there. After a month I am to report back to the vet on his condition.

Photo 8 is of all the budgies on a dreary afternoon. I don’t often manage to get a photo shot of all of them!

08/01/2018 / featheredfiends

Billybob’s vet visit on 3rd January 2018

Billybob has always been a rather complicated little character. His feet don’t work too well because before he came to us he had perches that were too big for his feet.

He’s always had pin feathers on his head and poor feather quality.

His feet often bunch up when he is stressed or when he lands, he can unfurl them but it takes a few seconds to do so. The toenails on his feet curl when they grow (overgrow), often hooking on eachother and it’s very hard to cut his toenails.

I have been massaging his feet and legs with aloe vera gel once a week, in the hope it’ll help his circulation.

But the main reason that we took him to the vet is that he’s been making squeaky noises at night time. I had previously treated this with iodine.(2.5% iodine tincture, 3 drops in 100ml drinking water) and it worked for a few months but then the noises restarted.

The vet took a good look at Billybob, his feet and legs, breathing, poor feather quality, inside his beak (he has a build up of materials that he’s been chewing, in his lower beak) The lower beak is slightly misshapen. I have been removing some of the materials every week or so.

The verdict is a vitamin deficiency. I was given some Vetark ACE-high vitamins to give to Billybob every other day and told to report back in a month to see if his condition has improved.

The vitamins are in powder form. At first I struggled to see how I could put them on his food. But I remembered Billybobs chewing behaviour. He brings oats over to the shelf in his cage and rips then to pieces with his beak. So I have been sprinkling the shelf with a tiny amount of vitamins and putting some oats on top. When he rips the oats apart and rifles through the crumbs, the vitamin solution is indistinguishable from the oats.

Hopefully it all works out and he improves!

08/01/2018 / featheredfiends

Custard vet visit in December

Custard went off to the vet in December because he was making a very wet coughing noise one night. I managed to get him an urgent appointment the next day.

The diagnosis was a respiratory infection.

He had two weeks of antibiotics, twice a day and lots of extra red millet to keep him entertained.

Hopefully, fingers crossed he seems much better. He’s currently singing away.

04/01/2018 / featheredfiends

Fiends that like to chew things

A while back I entered a competition to win a kabob perch made by the natural bird product company. The perch has become a firm favourite with my budgies.

Lucy especially, loves to chew the balsa wood to pieces.

When Lucy isn’t looking, Blithe likes to have a good chomp too.

I ordered a Christmas toy for the budgies too, but it was only Polly that had the guts to go near it.

Photo 1: Lucy chewing kabob toy
Photo 2: Blithe chewing kabob toy
Photo 3: Polly chewing Christmas toy

04/01/2018 / featheredfiends


Lucy and Polly always look so cute and innocent.

They have very different personalities. Lucy is unpredictable and very energetic, she has George to feed her. Lucy’s singing is squeaky and quiet like a girl.

Polly likes to chew things (balsa and cuttlebone) and sing to a mirror, she head-bobs and sings loudly like a boy!

As you can see, where there is a hen, Basil is not too far behind, he’s in both photos. Basil has been trying to make friends with Polly for over a month now. I hope he’s persistent as it’s be lovely for him to have a special friend.once again.

Photo 1 Lucy
Photo 2 Polly

01/01/2018 / featheredfiends

It’s Hector’s Birthday today!

Hector came to us on the 1st of January 2011, he was 2 years old.

He wasn’t “human friendly” at all at that time. But these days he seems to think he is a human. He likes to sit with us and play with our thumbs, bashing and feeding the nail.

He’s 9 years old today, which means he’s been with us for 7 years.

We hope to have him with us a lot longer.

Happy Birthday handsome chap.

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