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16/10/2017 / featheredfiends

The sky has gone all weird

The Sky is dark and Orange at the moment – it’s 3.50pm in the afternoon and the sun doesn’t set until 6.10pm today.

Apparently it’s due to some sand from the Sahara and smoke from a fire in Portugal.

I wonder what the budgies make of it.

15/10/2017 / featheredfiends

Egg for everyone

Some of the budgies are going through a moult at the moment, so I thought that they could do with some egg which is high in protein and will help them to form new feathers.
The egg is hard-boiled and then grated for them. I leave it out for no more than a couple of hours.

Pete and Polly had not tried egg before as on previous occasions they didn’t go near it. It had obviously been labelled as scary.

Unfortunately Polly still didn’t go near, she seems a little bit less adventurous than Pete.

Pete had his first taste and he seems to love it, he went back for several more beakfuls. (Pete is the little green bird dipping his beak in, the other green bird is George and the white bird is Blithe)

Perhaps next time Polly will be less cautious and discover something delicious.

15/10/2017 / featheredfiends

Polly and the cuttlebone

Polly has gone into a nibble everything frenzy lately.

She’s biting the wooden frames that we made for the windows so that we can open them on a warm day. She even bites at Pete’s favourite mirror in their cage.

I noticed that she pulled up some newspaper on top of one of the cages and was tugging at it so hard that she almost pulled the glass seed pot off.

So yesterday I put three cuttlebones in her cage for her to bite at. A week ago I ordered a 500g box, mostly for her as she can demolish one in 10 minutes.

At first she did not know what to do, but once she got to work she was distracted from biting everything else!

14/10/2017 / featheredfiends

Polly and the statue

Quite a few years ago my family bought me a little budgie statue, I think it was from Walton-on-the-naze.

I recently realised that it looks a bit like Polly.

What do you think?

14/10/2017 / featheredfiends

Double-Decker Budgie

Pete and Polly have been getting rather amorous lately. But they have not got the hang of the act of “budgie love”.

Pete stands on Polly’s back and they look like a double-decker budgie.

But Pete still does a “victory flight” around the room afterwards like he’s done something amazing. So I guess they achieved something after all 🙂

05/10/2017 / featheredfiends

Sky is 11 years old (Happy Birthday)

On 5th October 2010 Sky came to live with us. He was 4 years old and had never been out of his cage before. He arrived with Blueboy, who sadly passed away a few years later.

When Sky first left his cage, he was so enthusiastic that he hit the wall with a thud. Thankfully he was unharmed, we all breathed a sigh of relief.

Sky has made many friends and is a very popular budgie.

He’ll be celebrating his birthday with his 9 friends with whom he’ll be sharing sweetcorn and red millet.

Here are some photos of Sky and friends from the last week. As you can see he does not look his age.

Sky’s message is “act young, stay young”.


Sky on my hand




Sky flying with George

Sky and George flying


Eating millet with Hector

Sky and Hector on Sofa 3-10-17


Sitting with Billybob

Sky Billybob 29-9-17 DSCF4131


29/09/2017 / featheredfiends

Sky seeks refuge with me

George has become very obsessed with Sky lately, he seems to see him as some sort of budgie God.

Sky has become more and more sick of being chased around by George and has started seeking refuge by coming over to me. Sky knows that George will not land on me, George only plucks up the courage to do that if I have millet. Millet makes things worth the danger.

Here are a few photos of Sky on my hand. George was flying back and forth over me, but Sky got a rest as he sat with me for ten minutes.

19/09/2017 / featheredfiends

Budgie memories part two

After writing yesterdays blog post about budgies past, I felt a bit guilty that I had missed out 3 previous budgies. I have been searching this morning for a couple of photos of each of them.

1/Abbie. Here she is with Jerry, not long after she arrived.  He was the first of the boys to approach her. A few days after this, Hector plucked up the courage and they became partners in crime for quite a long time.



2/Abbie. You wouldn’t know it from this cute photo of her, but we had the rearrange our whole living room because she chewed literally everything that she could.

1-Abbie 22-7-11


3/Eric. I don’t have many photos of Eric because he was only with us for two months before he passed away of an unknown ailment. Monty and Eric were our first two budgies, we brought them home from a pet shop in November 2009.



4/Eric. Monty and Eric again, this time looking slightly more menacing. This photo always makes me think that they might want to steal my lunch money on my first day of school.



5/JoJo. This is JoJo with Blithe. She was such a pretty little girl. The whole time we had her she was unable to fly, but she made up for it in ferociousness. She used to sit on my shoulder and I’d feed her millet. Sometimes she’d bite my neck, no they were not kisses!

1-JoJo + Blithe


6/JoJo. A small demonstration. This was completely unprovoked, although JoJo would say different.

1-JoJo Bite

18/09/2017 / featheredfiends

Reminiscing over old budgie photos

Recently, I had to move all of my files over to a new computer, this was due to a tea spillage catastrophe.

This meant that I went through the modern day equivalent of physically leafing through old photos and memorabilia, reminiscing about the past. It was bitter-sweet, one minute I was remembering what fun it was having past budgies and then over-thinking that I could have prevented their demise and they could have lived forever. Why why why etc..

I moved more than 5,000 photos of previous (and some current) budgies from one computer to another. In the end I had to stop myself from looking at them because I could have done so for an eternity!

I did however, make a small folder of some of my favourites with the intention of writing a Blog Post. Today I have finally got around to publishing the post.

So, please share a few moments with me and take a look through them.


1/Charlie and Sky eating some sweetcorn together. proving that sometimes Budgies can share.

1-Charlie and Sky


2/Hector with Blueboy. These two boys were inseparable for a very long time.

2-Hector and Blueboy


3/Sky, Monty, Snowy, Blueboy, Roswell and Jerry eating dill and millet in what looks like a scene from the Elvis Presley film Jailhouse Rock.



4/Roswell looking beautiful. He always was such a pretty boy.

4-Roswell beautiful


5/Dumpling in his cage when he first arrived at our flat back on 10th October 2010. He looked so cute but was quite anti-social at first. He would squiggle at my fingers and try to bite them when I put them through the bars. Very territorial and used to being a lone bird. It took a very long time to socialise him with the other birds. When he first met them he would splay his tail coverts out and chitter at them like an angry squirrel.

5-Dumpling arrival.jpeg


6/Monty in a little terracotta pot. I cannot remember which treat was in the pot, but he had clearly claimed it.

6-Monty in a pot


7/Snowy having a bath with his ducky on the side. Monty was watching him closely. Probably to make sure Jerry was not on the scene making googly eyes at Snowy.

7-snowy bath-monty watching


8/Budgies on the floor! Monty, Snowy, Roswell, Jerry and Custard. Custard would follow Roswell all around. Looking at this photo years later, I just noticed that Custard is standing on Roswell’s tail!

8-monty snowy roswell jerry custard


9/Dumpling Peeping. When I was in the kitchen, Dumpling used to look round the corner to keep and eye on me.

9-Dumpling peeping


10/Dumpling and his keys. I love this photo of Dumpling mesmerised by his keys. He was very protective over them. I still have them.

11-Dumpling with keys


11/Snowy, Monty, Jerry and Roswell on the mirror. Looks like Monty might have jumped in-between Snowy and Jerry as he’s raising his beak at Jerry!

10-Snowy monty jerry roswell on mirror


12/Sky, Roswell, Monty, Jerry, Snowy, Dumpling and Blueboy all eating together. One of those lovely moments that I had a camera on hand for.

13-sky roswell-monty jerry snowy lilek blueboy


13/Dumpling with ball. He used to like running about on the floor playing with a ball. Sometimes he’d pass it to me and I’d pass back.

14-Lilek with ball 11-10-100010


14/Monty showing the Duck who is boss. Speaks for itself!

12-Monty and Duck

15/09/2017 / featheredfiends

Happy Birthday to Lucy

Today is Lucy’s birthday.  She came to stay with us on the 15th March 2017 at the age of 6 months.

The budgies have had sweetcorn this morning and will be partaking of Red millet later.

Here is a video of Polly singing to Lucy, it doesn’t really get going until 49 seconds in.

Polly is the bird with the white head as she is Opaline. Lucy is the normal sky blue with the dark cere.

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